Sacha is an experienced creative director. Creative on concept development, styling, image production, branding and photography. After working for 10 years as a Fashion Director for Celebrity magazine and Cosmopolitan she started as a freelance Creative Director in concept development, image production and styling for different magazines an commercial clients in fashion, food, IT & beauty. Recently she is also expanding her creative goals on (portrait & reportage) photography for clients as Samsung, sports and IT industry and portraits.

She enjoyed working with some well known Dutch creatives & photographers as in Karin Swerink, Hilmar Mulder, Dirk Kikstra, Anne Timmer, Meis Belle Wahr & Jip Merkies, Elmar Krop, Fotofloor, Brenda van Leeuwen, Arjaan Hamel, Tom ten Seldam, Mick de Lint, Paul Bellaart, Kee & Kee and Robin de Puy.

Sacha Burger

Creative Director | Concept developer | Stylist | Content creator